Smart TV (Samsung & LG)

There is a number of apps you can install on your Smart TV to use our service, our favorite app is Flix IPTV but you can also use Smart IPTV, Net IPTV, SmartOne IPTV, Royal IPTV, Set IPTV, Smart STB… (all these are paid apps that provide a trial period)

You can install any IPTV app, send us an email to with the name of the app you installed and your MAC address and we can upload the list of channels for you.

The tutorial below shows how you can upload the list of channels to your Smart IPTV app.

Setup instruction for a Samsung/LG Smart TV or Amazon Fire Stick. DIMA HDTV service uses a media controller app called ‘Smart IPTV’, this app is free to use for a period of seven days, you will then be asked to make a one-time donation of € 5.49 (Euros) towards the Smart IPTV app development.

Please email us your Smart IPTV MAC address and we will upload the list of channels on your Smart IPTV app, if you would like to upload the list yourself, please use the login details provided by email and the info provided below.

  1. In order to check if your Samsung/LG Smart TV or Amazon Fire Stick is compatible with our CandisClub Service go to the Samsung or LG Smart TV app store screen and search for the ‘Smart IPTV’ app. If the app is not displayed on the main screen you may have to search for it in ‘All Apps’ or ‘Updates’.
  2. Launch the ‘Smart IPTV’ app.
  3. Make a note of the ‘MAC Address’ which is displayed on the screen.
  4. Go to from any web browser.
  5. Enter your ‘Mac’ address and the m3u link we sent you by email.
  6. Ensure the ‘countries’ drop-down selection on ‘Various’.
  7. Check in the ‘Save online’ checkbox.
  8. Click on the ‘Send’ button
  9. Restart the ‘Smart IPTV’ app or TV.
  10. In order to view channel groups, press the blue button on your remote control.

1 – Download Smart IPTV into your TV

( This is only for Samsung and LG Smart TV )

  1. Go to your TV apps store
  2. Search for Smart IPTV
  3. Install Smart IPTV and open Smart IPTV

Now you can see your MAC address on the right side of your screen

2- Add channels into Smart IPTV

  1. Go to
  2. Add your MAC and your M3U Subscription URL
  3. Click on Add Link